Advantages of TerraGlas® Terra Cotta

The Company

Manufacturing & Design Facilities

TerraGlas can supply any size project, large or small, directly from our 120,000 sq ft manufacturing and design facilities. Made to order and custom manufactured products are routinely delivered on time and within budget.

A Library of over 10,000 Patterns

The TerraGlas library of patterns includes all classical, Art Deco, Art Nuevo and other styles of architectural elements in various sizes and forms. It enables designers to save the cost of custom modeling by selecting a standard pattern.

Custom Fabrication Capabilities

Shop drawings, setting plans and installation drawings are created in CAD for client review prior to manufacture. We use our years of experience to detail custom products to meet your specific requirements and to simplify installation.


Working from original pieces or from old drawings or photographs, TerraGlas can model replacement parts your historical restoration project. We carefully match color and glaze to bring the project to its original splendor.


From a company has participated in many prestigious restoration projects in America and around the world. The leader in architectural elements and composite technology.

The Product

  • Stronger
  • Lighter
  • More cost effective
  • Shorter lead times
  • More accurate reproductions
  • From a company with 30 years restoration and replacement experience on some of Americas best loved landmarks: The White House, The Smithsonian, The Capitol, Yale University, Harvard, Federal Reserve, etc.
  • In house R & D laboratory to custom match colors and textures.
  • CAD generated comprehensive shop drawings.
  • Advanced molding technology coupled with a love and respect for traditional art and craftsmanship