TerraGlas® Terra Cotta Tech Data

1. Manufacturer

  • Stromberg Architectural Products Inc.
  • 4400 Oneal Street
  • Greenville, TX 75401
  • Phone: (903) 454-0904
  • Fax: (903) 454-3642
  • Website: www.TerraGlas.com

2. Product Descriptions

Product Composition:
TerraGlas architectural terracotta is manufactured with terra cotta clays, aggregates, minerals and glass fibers for reinforcing. The glazes (if any) are proprietary mineral based coloring agents.
Basic Limitations:
TerraGlas is intended as an architectural ornament and a cladding material for columns, cornices, walls, parapets and as balustrade. It is not intended as a structural load bearing material.
TerraGlas is custom cast to match historical terra cotta elements and to meet the needs of the designer. As an engineered material, TerraGlas can be fabricated in flat panels, column covers, coves, domes, intricate carvings, bas reliefs and parapets. Please contact supplier for installation details.
Final finish is generally to match the existing terra cotta or as selected by the designer and may range from a smooth glossy glazed finish to a distressed or pitted surface, depending on the customer's selection.
Maximum Dimensions:
Maximum Dimensions
Panel Widths 8'6"
Panel Lengths 14'
Thickness of shell From 0.35" to 1.5"

NOTE: Piece sizes are limited by replacement needs. If replacing existing terra cotta elements with new TerraGlas pieces that tie into existing terra cotta, the size of the new pieces will need to be the same as the existing. For areas where no old terra cotta remains, larger panels, scored to replicate joints, may be used to speed installation and attachment. Material thickness varies depending on the application. Larger elements and rougher textures require greater thickness.

Standard Colors :
Colors are custom matched to the existing Terra Cotta elements.
Custom Sizes:
TerraGlas is available in custom sizes, shapes, colors and textures for a more accurate match and greater design flexibility.

3. Technical Data

Typical Physical Properties of TerraGlas
Tests TerraGlas Results
Water Absorption, 24 hr, %weight gain D570 ≤ 4 %
Compressive strength 5,000 to 15,000 psi
Elongation 45-50
Thermal Expansion Coefficient ASTM D 696 ASTM D 696 10 x10-6 in./in./F
Approximate Weight 2 to 6.1 lb. per sq. ft.
Fire Behavior ASTM E 84 Class A, non combustible

The information contained in this section is based on general technical data which Stromberg Inc. believes to be reliable. It is intended for general use only by persons having knowledge of this technical area at their own discretion. Typical properties vary with stone type, color and texture.

4. Customer Service

For samples, literature, questions and/or technical assistance, please contact, Stromberg Architectural Products Inc. (903) 454-0904 Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, CST.